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Sunday / November 27.
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Maurice Darrell Banks II aka Reece Banks is a YouTuber, Actor, Comedian and Gamer who is from Detroit, Michigan. Back In 2015, I’ve decided to make my own show called The Polo Reece Show on snapchat, after a while it got annoying filming 10 sec videos and me telling a long funny story. In my mind, I thought I know people are wondering “why is his story so long?” Or “when is it going to be over?” or “when is he going to get to funny part?”. When I realized that, I had to study from In Living Color, Key and Peele and other skit shows and turned my YouTube show into a skit comedy show. So far, people are loving it and think it’s really funny.

I really enjoy scriptwriting, production or brain storming ideas, and directing for my videos and I hope to get hired for one of those things I enjoy doing because I find myself really experienced in them. Also, I film and make my videos to make the audience and fans satisfied of my work, either they are having a bad day or something tragic happened they can watch one of my videos or contact me and they’ll smile or laugh and it’ll brighten their day.

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